The Alpha Centauri Project (Thinking Worlds) - Marco Santini

The Alpha Centauri Project (Thinking Worlds)

By Marco Santini

  • Release Date: 2010-12-27
  • Genre: SF et fantasy


Special contribution by Nikola Danaylov - "The Alpha Centauri Project" is a transhumanist novel about emerging technologies and space, set in a near future populated by humans and digital beings. Suspense and action, but also a fascinating travel into the impacts of Artificial Intelligence on our civilization. From this, a powerful comparison with our civilization emerges, that stripping away layer after layer of conventions and prejudices, leaves us at last face to face with the morals of a world that one day we might share.

The title "Alpha Centauri project" is the symbol of the mastery by the digital people of their future. Social issues as well as dreams and projects of the digital people become key drivers of the story. For digital beings aiming at eternal life, truth and collaboration are primary values; seeking exponential growth in knowledge and technology, avoiding conflicts and spreading into the Universe their goals.
Eve and Victoria - the main characters, humans changed into digital beings when their brain was digitized after death - move in this context of epoch making events, searching for identity. They become more and more involved in the hardship of the digital community to the point of rising to leaders. Finally they merge, in a crescendo of drama, their destiny with that of their new people.
A script is available. The novel has been translated into English, Spanish, French and Italian. The last editions of the ebooks can be downloaded for free from the Author's website.